Welcome to Perth Yoga for Everybody. We invite you to Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth Foreshore to engage with others, attend our classes and breathe as one community. Whether you come as a drop-in student, as part of your regular weekly practice or 6-week course with us we are happy to host you.

Gain instant access to experienced yoga teachers that can guide and supervise your practice in a fun and encouraging way.  Explore our website to learn more about us, our yoga and meditation classes, our unique 'consent based' style of yoga class and our expanding team. 


Experience the positive changes that a bit of yoga and fresh air can make!

Our Yoga Classes

All of our classes are designed to be accessible to everybody and progress in intensity as the week goes on.  We encourage invitational cues from our instructors to better reach and meet our students where they are at, simply inviting you inward into a satvic state, through yoga. Our guidance on consensual practices has been published for any school or student to download - free of charge.

Our beginner and intermediate courses provide the deconstructed understanding of technique, approach and practices to give you more experiences and light bulb moments. Explore and familiarise yourself with the choices available to cultivate your intentions for practicing with us.


Our school's offering includes varying intensities and choice of discipline Vs, liberation style classes, and 5 very different, knowledgeable teachers and social leaders in Perth.

Our South Perth weekday classes run for the most part as drop-in classes. We do also offer 2 types of 6-week/6hr courses at the beginning and towards the end of the season to give you the more one-on-one support. Bookings for each course close when full or by the end of the second week. You can find all of our events and course dates here and read further information about each event here.





2020/2021 Weekly

Monday, Foundations, 14th Sep - 24th May*

Wednesday, Twilight Hatha, 16th Sep - 26th May

Thursday, Vinyasa, 8th Oct - 28th Apr

Sunday, Ashtanga, 13th September - 29th May

Sunday, Hatha 9.30am Drop-in Classes run all year round including public holidays**



*Excluding Beginners Course dates listed below. **Excluding the 26th Jan, public holiday


Sunday, 9.30am with Melissa

Weekly from 24th May - 13th September 2020


Six week (6hr) workshops

Monday, Beginners Course $50*

COURSE 1:    2nd November - 7th December 200

COURSE 2:    1 March - 12th April 2021


*you can attend these sessions at the drop-in rate 'a la carte', however the workshop style format flows best utilizing the 6 weeks of classes and attracts a further $10 discount when booking via this link.


Foundations of Yoga

with Melissa



Twilight Hatha

with Matt



Hatha Flow

with Matt



Ashtanga and Hatha

with Lamb and Melissa

8am - 9:30am

*Spring - Autumn timetable. Winter timetable: 9.30am Sunday. Full class timetable resumes 13th September 2020.

Other Events and Locations

Yoga Trekking - Bells Rapids, Brigadoon

Saturday 12th September 2020 - Meditation, Trek and Yoga meeting @ 7am (4 hrs)

Acro Yoga - South Perth Foreshore

Saturdays - Playfully challenging Acro Yoga @ 9am (1 hr)


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