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Yoga Classes


Monday 5:30pm

This class is for beginners as well as those of you wishing to revisit the foundations of Pathanjali's teachings of yoga. Your teacher is there to start you off at an easy pace to reinforce and teach you asanas (postures) in a compassionate way to your body, particularly when first learning or returning to yoga for some time.

You will also learn other important aspects of yoga as you become ready, including Pranayama, Bandha (core muscular, energy locks) and basic Mudras (hand and body gestures) to step you up a level in the other classes that you attend with us and at other studios.

Be in out by the river, with the sun drifting off to your left and feel your worries melt away as you reach Shavasana and complete relaxation.


Wednesday 5.30pm

This popular, 75 minute class gives you the mid week connection with nature, self and others, whilst practicing the foundation asanas of Hatha to firm up your Vinyasa practice.

Class format usually follows:

attunement and kriya (breathwork) 

pawanmuktasana (warm up/ energy liberation)

sun salutations

closed and open hip asanas

balancing postures and gentle inversions

mat based postures (parasympathetic activation and surrender)

pranayama and shavasana (total relaxation).

If that doesn't mean anything to you or you are foreign to Yoga then just know that the session facilitates a safe space for you to make fun shapes, explore and love your body, whilst getting an overwhelming experience of relaxation by the end of it.

Join William Forde (RYT200) for weekly yoga training to prepare you with new avenues of development in your yoga calendar. Bringing your own mat or towel is encouraged, but don't let that prevent you from coming as we have a good amount of spare mats, blankets and blocks should you need them.


Sunday 8:00am & 9:30am

Join us on the banks of the Swan River for an invigorating and balancing yoga class, overlooking the city and river, under the shade of the paperbark trees. Rishikesh (India) trained Nicole Lamb will lead you through the Ashtanga Primary Series for 75 minutes of re-energising, exercise and relaxation.

Learn this popularized, vinyasa sequence of asanas and receive guidance using core muscular and energetic locks, drishti (focused-gaze), correct alignment, breath-work and a deep commitment to self-love. Here you can meet uncomfortable sensations and learn to sit beside them in an accepting level of awareness, with less and less resistance the more you practice. (This is what yoga is ultimately training your mind to do).

This class is fun, outdoors and rich in Pathanjali's traditional teachings of asana (posture), bandha (core muscular locks), mudra (hand gestures) and pranayama (energy and breath manipulation) teachings. Running weekly since 2013.