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Yoga Classes


Monday 5:30pm

1st Oct 20 - 26th Apr 21

20th Sep 21 - 25th Apr 22

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Experience Stefania Galliero's, alignment-based, foundations of yoga class by the river, to invite you into an even healthier version of yourself.

These workshop classes are for anyone wishing to step into and to establish a regular Yoga practice, knowin the fundamentals of Patanjali's teachings.  Start off at an easy pace and be aided through asanas (postures), in a way that is compassionate to your body.  This is of particular importance when first learning or returning to yoga after some time.

Like all our classes, cues are provided in an consensual way, inviting you to access ways to explore your body without projecting a yoga experience (or personality) on you. 


Our teachers live yoga and are initiated in traditional Hatha after receiving training in India and teaching in Australia.

Breathe and let go for a moment by the river, with the sun drifting off to your left.  Let the yoga do its job as we honor the simplicity of an internalized practice, outside in public.  Feel your worries melt away as you reach Shavasana and complete relaxation for the evening ahead.


 [UPDATED] Next Course ॐ̴̫̮̠̖̪̟͋̑̑͛̎͑̕͜͝  15th Feb  

$50 to attend 6 weeks of foundations workshops


  Wednesday 5:30pm  


1st Oct 20 - 28th Apr 21

22 Sep 21 - 27th Apr 22

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Step out in the fresh air for these cozy evening classes with Indian/Himalayan trained Yoga teacher, Matthew Yap, who leads a traditional Yoga practice with love at the centre.

Whilst geared towards the intermediate practitioner, these classes will gently challenge you further, exploring new areas and movements to evoke that noticeable feeling of peace and well-being by the end of it.

These classes are designed to build on the teachings delivered on Mondays. Matt was trained initially by mentor Sam Weinstien of the Iyengar lineage of Hatha.

Our community classes are simple and humbly delivered. Learn about the additional ways to use blocks, straps and blankets to assist in making postures more comfortable and accessible.


  Sunday 8:00am  

15th Nov 20 - 14th Mar 21

21st Nov 21 - 24th April 22

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Join Stefania Galliero in the fresh air for a grounding and energising, Hatha-Vinyasa practice.


The class runs weekly, November - Apr, facing the Swan River, on the grass at Sir James Mitchell Park overlooking the City. Together, this is a perfect way to wake up and start your day.

Learn popularized, Vinyasa sequences of asanas, without the rigidity of Ashtanga or Bikram dominating the learning. 


Receive guidance from 500+hr trainied teachers, to use core muscular and energetic locks correctly, drishti enhancement (focused-gaze control), posture alignment (both active and relaxed), breath-work and a deep commitment to self-love.


Our Sunday morning classes are the most dynamic and popular of the classes we offer. People of all ages and backgrounds come out to join the rest of the community down by the river. 


Hatha is an age old practice of controlling the subtle, taught within the format of a flow class for familiarity and consistency. 


As with all our classes, we foster safe space, mutual respect, diversity, inclusion and agency of choice to you whilst we deliver the traditional teachings of Pathanjali in the modern forms of Hatha, and Raja (meditation) based Yoga.


  Sunday 9:30am


All year round (subject to weather)

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Join Stef Galliero and Will Forde as they offer you their traditionally taught styles of Hatha, delivered in a outdoor natural setting.  This class takes place all year round, facing the Swan River, on the grass at Sir James Mitchell Park. 

A strong Hatha practice embodies principles of Yin and Yang, without needing to differentiate the extremes. 'Hatha' means 'Sun and Moon' and is a traditional form of Yoga that many, (arguably all) modern day practices have stemmed from. Beginners are welcome and eased into unfamiliar moves. The class is for adults 18 years and older.

The summer classes will this year be taught by Stef and the Autumn and Winter classes led by Will.  Both teachers share yoga in a playfully challenging way, so that you can delve into Indian Hatha techniques, and rewire new changes and revlations in the mind and body.


ACN: 608 571 740