Yoga Nidra ॐ Deep (55mins)

Yoga Nidra ॐ Deep (55mins)

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This 60 minute Yoga Nidra is for the bypass the chattery mind and delve deep into the subconscious and unconscious abilities the body can reveal, when calmed reasonably by personal development practices such as yoga . This Yoga Nidra meditation features an extended body rotation for amplified healing and circuitry awareness, visualisation components, breath counting and an epic journey for your back end to enjoy while you follow consciously or drift off, which ever may be needed. Enjoy this relaxation audio as a go to, effortless meditation anytime you need to unplug.


The audio can be used to explore intuitive insight and resolutions further and notable memory improvements for those practicing regularly.


Read by William Forde, recorded and funded by Perth Yoga for Everybody to bring an affordable meditation solution to those we can, and cannot yet reach, or for when you can't make it to class but want that relaxation hit.


With acknowledgement to the Whadjuka Boodja (Tribe) of the Noongar Wage (Nation), the Indigineous Elders and Ancestors of this land, current and future leaders of Australia, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Yoga Publications Trust and the Satyananda School of Yoga (Beaconsfield) and my father (also named) William Forde, who together with help from others since 1980, contributed to the pioneering of the relaxation therapy programs that have given way for the profundly effective, yet simple Yoga Nidra practices we have today.

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    Duration: 54 minutes, 22 seconds.

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    Read by: William Forde

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