Yoga Nidra Script (45 mins) | William Forde

Yoga Nidra Script (45 mins) | William Forde

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This 45 minute Yoga Nidra script is perfect for any qualified Yoga Teacher exploring new Yoga Nidras or for parents and aspiring relaxation therapists to adapt and develop with their own subjects or on themselves.


This Yoga Nidra Script is designed as follows:

- Introduction to the practice and settling in

- Awareness of hearing

- Visualisation of self and setting

- Breath awareness

- Sankalpa (resolution)

- Rotation of Consciousness (body parts)

- Environment awareness

- Skin surface and less subtle body parts awareness

- Breath counting 108 - 0

- Sensations: Heaviness / Lightness; Cold / Heat; Stress / Calm

- Chidakasha, inner watching of the infinate screen

- Prompted visualisations ("Red desert...")

- Breath and expanded physical and sensory awareness

- Reemergance.

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    File Type: PDF Text, Yoga Nidra Script with branded content.

    Licence: The user is granted a non-exclusive right to download and use one copy for personal use or to use as a Yoga Teacher delivering Yoga Nidra.


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