Our Values

Consistency in Service

The reliability of our teachers and the certainty of our scheduled events are the main reasons we have lasted as a social events group. We know that without confidence and assurance from our end, we lose momentum as and that the hardest part for participants, all intentions aside, is turning up!


Perth weather is amazing, let's face it, but when the sky does go grey or life's disruptions get in the way, many good community Yoga classes cease, leaving the students without the services they rely on and build into their routine.  We have a team of 5-8 teachers on stand by at any one time for back up cover and our organisation is incorporated to succeed the lives of its leaders. We operate 52 weeks of the year including on public holidays.


We also minimised any doubt for participants (about not coming) by putting in place a fixed class timetable and a solid Weather Cancellation Policy, that commits us and our teachers to only cancelling class if the weather is forecast to be more than 90% likely to rain around the time of the event. We always notify our members of a cancellation at least 12 hours prior to the commencement of a morning class, or by 8am on the same day if the cancellation relates to an evening class.


After 5 Australian winters of delivering over 1900 Yoga classes, we are so confident about the accuracy of the booking systems we have developed that we even take the risk of weather disrupting your event away from you, by offering refunds in full should you not get the full experience you paid for. Events are only cancelled if the weather conditions make it unsafe for the event to go ahead, so if you don't hear from us, we will be there!

Celebrating Diversity

It is clear to see or hear when you attend one of our classes, that our members are of all ages and come from different backgrounds and nationalities, with varying body types and physical limitations that we each have. We deliver a range of classes at different levels of intensity, with alternative posture options, physical adjustments and personalised care and support for you and your exploration of your own unique body.


Our classes are LGBTQI friendly and for adults aged 18 years and over. Our gender ratio in classes hit 50:50 for men to women for 2 months of 2018 which is a sign of a unification and inclusion. Children between the ages of 7 and 17 are permitted to attend our Sunday and Saturday events when accompanied by a legal guardian who can register their participation on their behalf. The teachers and staff of the weekend classes are registered on the WWC register and have the additional insurance policy and qualifications required to work with children. Our children's tickets are half price.

We encourage you to be yourself as part of the understanding of your body (physically/emotionally/spiritually) and celebrating your unique gifts through the practice of Yoga. There is no obligation to subscribe to ideas or opinions shared in our group, which are open to flow freely. Our events embody group oneness through acceptance of individuality, self-expression, self-confidence and self-love.

Cost Champions

Since we first started offering donation Yoga classes in 2013, we have continued to utilise innovation and community support networks to maximise our utility and share the cost savings with you, as an enterprise operating primarily towards its Social Mission. We commit to delivering all our future Yoga classes inline with our affordable pricing. Our tickets range in price from $3-$4, when purchasing a Karma Card (6 or 12-month membership) and attending at least 2 events per week.


Our multi-use passes and double-passes bring the class price as low as $8 and $7, and our usual drop in rate is only $10 for any 60 and 75 minute classes. Kid's tickets are $5 per child, per class so that the whole family can be included for less than the normal price of one studio class.


When you fall on hard times financially, any surplus profit we do make goes to help someone else in our group get free or donation yoga via our Donation Member Program, which allows people to attend ANY of our classes, choosing whether/how much to donate, with regard to what they can afford. Our flagship, Donation Member Program is available for up to 12 months for all students, senior citizen's and recipients of Centrelink who fill out the following form. We invite you to share the application form with anyone that may benefit from the scheme.

Competence and Compliance


Since our formal incorporation in 2013, we have developed the depth required in our sign up forms, legal policy documents and bookkeeping processes to comply fully with with global privacy, child protection, accounting and consumer laws. Every dollar we collect is subject to Corporate income tax and we are proud to be a legitimate, compliant organisation that respects and contributes towards the laws and tax system governing to economic advancement of Australia and its people.

Because we reinvest nearly all our profits back to members in financial distress (needing their spots subsidising), we seldom have much of a tax bill to pay, but rest assured our continuation as an organised group is secured by its diligence when it comes to the governance and reporting compliance connected with our events. Our client service agreements and teacher contracts give our stakeholders the assurance and transparency they deserve when choosing which organisations they wish to deal with.

Our teachers are all trained in India and are aligned to the traditional practices of Yoga. Our teachers remain approachable, relatable and are sincere to their own personalities, whilst being diligent and well researched in the lesson content they deliver. Most of all, our teachers turn up week in week out, because they love to teach and share Yoga from that kind place in the heart space.

Community Love and Respect


We act for others and the earth, promoting inclusion, support, fun and kindness when we connect. We are a genuine Meetup group operating since October 2013, that offers a transactional system of contracting between ourselves, to facilitate the assurance and respect you deserve, by fostering community in a format more familiar and consistent with societies preferences.

There is no fee to join us or social awkwardness with not attending. Plans change and we understand that. Our group is established to give you comfortable access to Yoga to come and go as you please.. We are about nurturing and removing limitations of people in our Perth tribe and those that pass through this land or simply want to learn yoga while living here as a new past-time. There is no obligation to subscribe to ideas or a particular culture (including any 'Yoga culture') and opinions and thought is free to flow among members. We are here to practice compassion to those we serve not to expect a best dressed, perfected version of you on your mat. On your mat, is a place you can allow anything to feel and all emotional and physical states are welcome and never judged.

You will be guided with enough experience and commitment from our teachers to make up your own opinions about your Yoga techniques and learning. Our gatherings are a safe place to be among other like-minded people to discuss and share experiences with.  Our job is simple, to bring you and great Yoga teachers together, in mind and from heart.

We host the Yoga... you host the Community.

2020 sees the extension of the reach of our services to the Indigenous populations of Western Australia as we move closer towards understanding the stories, culture and traditions of this land that has been looked after so well by the Whadjuk tribe of the Noongar Nation. We recognise, pay our respects and show gratitude to the ancestors and elders of the the indigenous tribes of Australia as traditional owners and custodians of this land. Our values align from the founding motivation that our organisation shares with Aboriginal culture, to simply look after the Earth and each other.

Collaboration and Creativity


Solving community resource issues and helping others is an important part of developing yourself and your 8 limb practice of Yoga. We too, learn and grow as an organisation, by cooperating with other organisers and wellness workers to expand the potential to add value for all in Australia.

We operate to strengthen and unite communities and to nurture the valuable skills and services that others have to offer offer. We also work to build and sustain commercial incomes for Yoga Teachers that just want to teach and have no outlet to reinforce their training or haven't experienced working in a well paid, contributing role in a community setting. As humans, competition and stresses on our time resources, drive us to seek more innovate ways to differentiate our businesses, redefine ourselves and continue forever learning, by following the actions that bring us the strongest feelings of joy as individuals and as a collective. Innovation is quite opposite to stagnation and following existing processes or avoiding processes due to familiarity. It is natural for us to become prone to becoming comfortable with 'how it was' and the body is generally lazier than its potential, so we are fully aware of this and rarely take our finger off the innovation button or stop improving!

We actively welcome other organisers and state governments to contact us and look at ways we can support and help each other as advocates of Yoga and community support services. We support and encourage new Yoga teachers and those of you that bravely act upon the creative ideas and feelings both intuitively and objectively.

Convenience and Ease


At the heart of the shift in societies awareness about health and wellness, is a principle of simplicity, allowing and acting on the implementation of processes that offer the minimal amount of resistance or inconvenience for everybody.  We have had 5 years of testing and applying new technologies to refine the logistics of organising our park classes which allows us to offer you on demand convenience and 'quiet' communication channels when booking or reviewing class information for events you want to attend. Our refined FAQs pages offer easy to follow guidance and answers to the USEFUL commonly asked questions to help you on to your mat, when first signing up.

Sign up is free and you can drop in or reserve your spot in class via our website or any of the marketplace platforms that we host our events on. There are no booking fees when using our website so that you can save the maximum amount on your ticket, without paying a transaction fee. Available spots in class are open to drop-in attendees once pre-paid bookings have been checked in, so you can also turn up and pay by cash. Regardless of where and how you book with us, your reservation will always make it through to the same booking list on the day for an easy, swift check-in by your Yoga teacher.



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